For various reasons I’m not going to go into in public, I ended up at the doctor’s on Wednesday, highly stressed (to the point of feeling physically ill) and feeling all over pretty crap. Along with plans to deal with the cause of the stress (if you’re a friend who follows the saga of my life, you’re welcome to email me for details, but I feel it’s not appropriate to discuss in public), I was told I had to make more effort to look after me.

I’ve got so caught up in all the stuff going on around me that my world has started contracting into little more than looking after Marcus and sleeping. So I decided I needed a space in the house that was “my space”. I’ve set myself up at the sofa in our bedroom and I want to try to spend some time there reading and stitching. (I admit, I’ve planned to do this before and not followed through, but I realise I really need to do this, so I shall do my best.)

Kerry's Space

Unfortunately, there was an immediate problem with this as show below.


I shall have to be strong an insist that it is my space and not hers. I have put a sheepskin rug down on the floor and I’m hoping we’ll settle into a compromise. So far, I’ve done a few hours stitching over a couple of evenings and I’ve also managed to listen to some Big Finish Doctor Who audio plays that I’ve had sitting around for ages and never found the time to listen to. I really am going to try to keep this up because I recognise that I’ve been letting my own identity slip away in family and health stuff and that isn’t a good thing.

For starters, I have a couple of updates for Defender of the Kingdom for you, which I’ll post next.