Marcus is totally into Angry Birds right now. As soon as he learned there were plush toys, he immediately wanted one desperately. He managed to convince his dad that he really, really needed one, and a black bomb bird was ordered.

Of course, once it arrived, he equally desperately wanted more. I put my foot down at that point, not being willing to pay almost $20 a pop, plus postage. I did tell him that I’d have a look online and see if I can find some guide-lines to try to make him some more birds.

Very quickly, I found the wonderful blog, Obsessively Stitchingwhich has patterns for all the birds, the pigs (see the sidebar on the right) and a variety of other things as well (eventually, I’m also going to make him some bombs, since what boy doesn’t need some plush bombs to throw around?).

So here’s Marcus with his original black bird and a pig and red bird I made for him. Since then, I’ve also made a yellow bird and three eggs (two white and one golden as ordered). Being a silly mother, I’ve promised to also make the others, but not all at once. The current request is to make the long-beaked green bird next, and I’m pretty confident I can do that one.

Marcus, Black Bird, Green Pig and Red Bird