My friend Jennie (Crafty Haven) has been posting on her crafty blog each day this year so far (I saw the posts in my feed reader and didn’t actually realise they were hers) and she’s inspired me to come over here and post something.

I’m not committing to crafting and blogging every day because that would become very stressful on days I’m not feeling well enough, but I’d certainly like to do better than I have been.

I’ve been popping my stitching progress photos up on Flickr (I will update my albums in the sidebar so there’s a link to all the relevant ones) but not posting them here. I shall do better!

I’ve already done some other crafting this year as well, making Marcus two more bad piggies from Angry Birds, so I shall add some photos of those too.

I don’t know if this quite counts as a resolution and I don’t know how I’ll do with it, but we’ll see what happens.