Pic 2 + 4 days by rocalisa
Pic 2 + 4 days, a photo by rocalisa on Flickr.

We have Wisper!

My Wisper and Mill Hill treasures arrived today (8 days or less from the UK to NZ which I was most impressed about). So I decided to face reality and try to stitch some of the Wisper.

Some wonderful person (sorry, I don’t remember who it was) suggested doing the bottom half of each stitch in plain white DMC and just the top with Wisper. It’s a brilliant compromise and, by using short lengths, it’s actually proving relatively easy to do. Long may that last.

I also tried to take some photos of the texture of the Wisper, the way some people do it so well with beading. Mine didn’t come out that well. Still, I was trying to use a phone camera, holding the phone with one hand while holding up a large white envelope underneath the fabric to stop the light from above showing up all the holes and whatever was underneath.

I did upload a couple of the Wisper photos to Flickr, so if you want to, you can see them here and here.