Sadly, I’ve just discovered I’ve missed taking a photo for the first time.

One of the details on the dragon is to use thread to stretch tightly across the dragon’s fat tummy to, basically, give him abs. I had tried the day before using some thread I had at home, but it wasn’t strong enough and as soon as I tried to pull it tight it broke. So today we went to the LNS and bought some nice, strong #5 perle cotton in both a matching green and a matching yellow.

I think I’ve stuffed my guy quite a bit tighter than in the model (but having had to do surgery on the unicorn I made for my niece because it had gone floppy due to much love and playing time, I decided tighter was better). That made it a little hard to do the stitches as on the pattern. I also didn’t have a long enough needle.

So I did it my own way.

Sorry there’s no photo today, but you’re see his “abs” in tomorrow’s picture.