Brick for Angry Birds by rocalisa
Brick for Angry Birds, a photo by rocalisa on Flickr.

Now that Marcus has a set of Angry Birds and Bad Pigs (and still wants more!), he decided he wanted bricks and stuff for the pigs to sit on or hide behind like in the game.

After a bit of thought, I decided the best thing to try was polystyrene blocks covered with fleece.

This was my practise one. It’s handstitched down on the edges (not exactly pretty, but not too intrusive either) and Marcus has tested it and approved it. I’ve told him I’ll slowly make him more. He’s also requested blue (ice) and grey (stone). I’ll see what I can do.

Dave bought a huge block of polystyrene on Trade Me (NZ equivalent of eBay) and is going to cut it into different sizes and I’ll slowly cover them.

I find it’s nice to have something to sew with my hands without constantly referring to a pattern, so I don’t mind doing this kind of thing for him.