For anyone who doesn’t know, I’m a big Doctor Who fan. And like any crafty fan, I love the idea of combining one love with another.

Barring a cross stitch bookmark made with the show logo from the 7th Doctor’s era (made at the time of the 7th Doctor’s era), my first big Doctor Who craft project was an appliqué quilt. I took a hand drawn cartoon from a reference book and blew it up and up (to A0 size I think) until I had an appliqué pattern. I called it Hiding Out and you can see why.

The 6th Doctor hiding out at a quilt show

The 6th Doctor hiding out at a quilt show

My current hexagon quilt WIP will also have a subtle Doctor Who theme, so I guess I should aim to have it done for the 50th Anniversary in November this year.

11 Doctors and a TARDIS to go in my hexagon quilt

11 Doctors and a TARDIS to go in my hexagon quilt

But this blog post is about something crafty-ish I did today. I drooled over a beautiful piece of fan art and dreamed that I might be able to stitch it one day. Maybe I could get permission to chart it for myself (unlikley since the artist has her other art licenced for cross stitch to Heaven and Earth Desgins)? Maybe HAED would chart it and release it so that I could buy it on the spot (also unlikely due to copyright issues with the BBC I would guess, all they do have some Lord of the Rings art available)?

What is this amazing piece of art, you ask? It’s called Time and Space and I love the colours and the content and the splashed watercolour look of the background. It was drawn (painted? I never know the right terms when it comes to art) by artist Adele Lorriene and can be seen (and purchased) on her website MeadowHaven.

Time and Space by Adele LorienneFind it at

Time and Space by Adele Lorienne
Find it at

And since I’m unlikely to ever get a chart of it (but I hold on to my hopes and dreams), I did the obvious alternative. I ordered the print for myself for my birthday. It’s only 2 months away (but who’s counting).

Oh, and I just remembered…

I also made an 8th Doctor quilt (or more accurately, a Paul McGann quilt that included him as the 8th Doctor). I have to track down the pictures for that. I know they’re safe, but I can’t access them due to an electronic glitch that only Dave can deal with. If you’d like to see it, ask me in the comments and I’ll get onto getting hold of them again. Not hard, just something I can’t do myself.