I managed to get back to Autumn Queen, which was lovely. With that section of wisper done, I’m starting to have a decent area that has been solidly stitched, which is very satisfying.

27 January 2013 - Autumn Queen progress

27 January 2013 – Autumn Queen progress

I’ve decided to stick to three (or possibly four) projects this year. I don’t get a lot of opportunities where I have both the time and the energy to stitch, so my progress is slow. My goal is to try to stick with a few projects and actually make some progress rather that flit from here to there and not really get very far.

So I’ve chose to go with my three favourite designers, who are also responsible for my current favourite and major projects. That’s Mirabilia, Chatelaine and Heaven and Earth Designs.

I’m going to work on one for a month, getting however much stitching I manage done in that time, then switch to the next one. If I stick to a rotation of three, that should give me four months stitching on each.

So my plan is:

I’m giving myself the option of two HAED patterns as I have both started and can’t choose which to work on. I may switch it around or I may choose one as the year goes by and stick with that.

That’s the plan. It may or may not last the distance.

It does mean that I really want to get a bit more of Autumn Queen done before the end of the month. Today (I’m writing this on the 28th) is Marcus’ birthday party and tomorrow (29th) is his actual birthday, so I don’t know if it will happen or not. Watch this space.