I’ve just put my alternative 10th Doctor block for the Fandom in Stitches quilt up on dropbox and given the referring URL to here, so I figured I better pop the link up here as well so people can find it if needed.

I’m dreaming of getting myself back up to date here as I’ve been doing lots of stitching and sewing, what with the two stitch/quilt along projects and the odd bits and pieces for myself. I don’t quite know where to start – I may just link to my Flickr albums with some commentary and then try to go on from there. And hey, I even did some six months old mending, so I guess that means I’m on a roll.

My 10th Doctor

My 10th Doctor

I chose to do my own version mostly because, if I’m honest, I found the eyebrows on Jennifer’s block kind of scary. It’s still a great block, so check it out before jumping to this one.

If you do like this one, you’re welcome to download the PDF from here and stitch it yourself.