Dalek Block by rocalisa
Dalek Block, a photo by rocalisa on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
3 October 2013

I was all set to make a red dalek, when my son requested a white one, since the white is the Dalek Supreme and you’ve got to have the boss.

Getting four suitable shades of white proved to be a challenge, but my not-so-near quilt shop came through and I ended up with what I needed. I also found the very cool red and yellow background at the same time.

Sadly, at that point I was stupid and washed the white with the red (I can only say I was tired and not thinking). Guess what happened? Two of my white fabrics now had splotches of pink on them. I had to swap out one for something I already had and managed to cut around the pink for the other. So finally, we ended up with a white dalek. But it was a bit of a challenge along the way.