John Hurt's War Doctor Block

John Hurt’s War Doctor Block

Having finished my embroidered Doctor Who quilt from Fandom in Stitches, life went on and we were treated to the wonderful 50th Anniversary Special featuring John Hurt as the War Doctor, followed just days ago by the 2013 Christmas Special where Matt Smith regenerated into Peter Capaldi.

I needed more Doctor Who blocks.

I developed a pattern for the War Doctor from online pictures of John Hurt in the role and finished stitching him last night. I’m really pleased with how it has come out.

If anyone else needs to stitch John Hurt’s Doctor, you can download a PDF pattern of the file from my dropbox here. I’d appreciate a credit if you use it, but I won’t drop dead without one.

Now all I need to do is wait however months it will be before we get enough good pictures of Peter Capaldi in costume as the 12th Doctor to make a pattern for him. My plan to to add the same kind of blue borders as I used in the quilt and then make a cushion with Hurt on one side and Capaldi on the other. Hopefully it will be finished before the end of 2014.