Here's to new beginnings

The new year comes around and what happens?

That’s right – blogs get dusted off and resolutions get made to keep them up this year. And yes, I’m doing it too.

I had great crafting intentions last year. I was going to focus on a set of WIPs and make some progress on them. But as usual, real life got in the way. Ill health, family needs, special occasions and a new and absorbing project all got in the way.

I did have finishes last year, even if I didn’t share them much of anywhere, let alone here. This year, I’m back to hoping I’ll make some progress on those WIPs as well as finish that new project.

So I’m going to update my links and albums and then I intend to share my finishes for last year and my plans for this year. It may all completely fail yet again, but that’s okay if it does. And if it doesn’t, well hey, that would be awesome.