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Here's to new beginnings

The new year comes around and what happens?

That’s right – blogs get dusted off and resolutions get made to keep them up this year. And yes, I’m doing it too.

I had great crafting intentions last year. I was going to focus on a set of WIPs and make some progress on them. But as usual, real life got in the way. Ill health, family needs, special occasions and a new and absorbing project all got in the way.

I did have finishes last year, even if I didn’t share them much of anywhere, let alone here. This year, I’m back to hoping I’ll make some progress on those WIPs as well as finish that new project.

So I’m going to update my links and albums and then I intend to share my finishes for last year and my plans for this year. It may all completely fail yet again, but that’s okay if it does. And if it doesn’t, well hey, that would be awesome.


Starting the blockI know I’ve neglected this blog for ages – I’ve got so many things on the go the idea of keeping up with them all was daunting.

One thing I have been really enjoying is a Doctor Who themed stitch-along quilt being run by Fandom in Stitches ( I’ve stitched 7 doctors so far and I’m working on number 8 at the moment.

My Flickr album of my progress on the project is here.

The blocks have all be great, but since Paul McGann is my favourite Doctor of all 11 so far, I really wanted to have his block looking exactly the way¬†I wanted. So I made a pattern of my own. I’m rather impressed with myself that it worked out as well as it did. I’m maybe a third of the way through stitching it now and happy with how it is turning out.

I had several people on the FiS Facebook page asking if they could have a copy too, so I’ve turned it into a PDF and put it up on Dropbox. If you would like a copy of this embroidery pattern, you can download it here.

My friend Jennie (Crafty Haven) has been posting on her crafty blog each day this year so far (I saw the posts in my feed reader and didn’t actually realise they were hers) and she’s inspired me to come over here and post something.

I’m not committing to crafting and blogging every day because that would become very stressful on days I’m not feeling well enough, but I’d certainly like to do better than I have been.

I’ve been popping my stitching progress photos up on Flickr (I will update my albums in the sidebar so there’s a link to all the relevant ones) but not posting them here. I shall do better!

I’ve already done some other crafting this year as well, making Marcus two more bad piggies from Angry Birds, so I shall add some photos of those too.

I don’t know if this quite counts as a resolution and I don’t know how I’ll do with it, but we’ll see what happens.

I totally blame Chele for this one. She posted on one of the HAED Facebook groups that she was going to try doing a design in tent stitch, 2 over 1 on 28-count lugana.

I love my Heaven and Earth Designs projects, but they are so big and I stitch so little, that the idea of a stitching method that might be faster and easier was very tempting. I didn’t want to mess with either of my big projects (Defender of the Kingdom and Dawn Star), so I decided to give it a go on my Quick Stitch of Garnet by Meredith Dillman. I’ve done very little on that, much as I love it, and I knew I wasn’t going to be going back to it any time soon.

I didn’t have any 28-ct evenweave, so first I tried a few tent stitches on my 25-ct project and I agreed with Chele that the coverage wasn’t good enough. So I went and bought a piece of 28-ct.

And, oh boy, this really is a whole lot easier, and I can do it much more quickly too. I’ve totally abandoned the original project and I’m zooming along (health permitting as always) with the new version. I’m even wondering if I should restart both my big projects this way. I’ve done quite a lot of them on both, but I have way more to do than I’ve completed. In the long run, it might be more beneficial to restart. But then again… I’m not going to make any decisions about that until QS Garnet is finished.

QS Garnet, Original Art by Meredith Dillman

This is how far I got the first time. This was a grand total of about 6 days stitching.

2nd March 2012: My first day of stitching

3rd March 2012: After 2 days of stitching

5th March 2012: After 3 days of stitching

7th March 2012: After 4 days of stitching

8th March 2012: After 5 days of stitching (sorry the picture isn't very good)

Defender of the KingdomDefender of the Kingdom
Artist: Thomas Canty
Designer: ©Heaven and Earth Design
Fabric: 25-count Mocha Lugana
Design Size: 300 x 477
Started: 28th September, 2005

This is another case where my love of book covers combines with my passion for cross stitch. This is a Thomas Canty painting which was the cover for Patricia Kennealy-Morrison’s The Silver Branch, which is part of a favourite trilogy of books. When Michele charted this one, I bought it on the spot and it is the HAED pattern I chose to start stitching. It’s going to be slow progress, but I’m loving how it has turned out so far.

Just a quick starter post here.

I’m planning to put any stitching progress I make up here. Sadly, I don’t stitch much anymore – the combination of my CFS and parenting leaves me unable to do very much at all. Still, every so often I manage to get a few stitches in.

If you want to see pictures of what I’ve done prior to this, I suggest you try out my Flickr Albums, where I’ve posted my earlier progress.