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Once again, no stitching for me. Saturday is a pretty busy day for us anyway as it always includes our weekly trip to the library and Marcus’ swimming lesson. Today also required a decent amount of tidying as we have a 9 year old birthday party on Monday (which is a public holiday here).

There may be no stitching/crafting photos from me, but I do have some to share. I haven’t taken the moment to get Dave to take them, but today I was a little more organised.

My every so lovely friend, Nicki, gave me the most lovely Christmas present this year. As I recall (and I admit I might be recalling wrong but I think I’ve got the gist of it), she shared a photo of this shawl on Facebook and, of course, I immediately squee-ed about how nice it was.

Now look what I’ve got!

My beautiful shawl knitted for me by Nicki.

My beautiful shawl knitted for me by Nicki.

Look at those very cool TARDIS motifs. Aren't they awesome?

Look at those very cool TARDIS motifs. Aren’t they awesome?

Nicki, I’m sorry it took so long to send you some photos, but as you can see, it hasn’t really been shawl weather. Should I be sending it back to you in snowy England to keep you warm?

Emma's Quilt all Finished by rocalisa
Emma’s Quilt all Finished, a photo by rocalisa on Flickr.

My sister-in-law made her daughter (my niece) a wonderful quilt for Christmas. It is her first quilt and she’s done a wonderful job with it.

However, as Christmas got closer she realised she was running out of time, especially to quilt and bind a quilt when she’d done neither before. So she finished the quilt top and got the layers pinned together.

At that point, I took over and did the quilting (all straight line in the ditch, so it took some time but wasn’t actually hard) and binding.

It was presented to a very happy 6 year old on Wednesday (2 Jan 2013) which is why it’s gone up as part of this date. I finished my share of the word 29 Dec 2012.

I also did repair surgery on a stuffed toy unicorn who was suffering from stuffing fatigue. She can now stand up on own again, much to Emma’s delight. Sadly, I was so busy sewing on her I didn’t have any photos.