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Yay, All Finished by rocalisa
Yay, All Finished, a photo by rocalisa on Flickr.

Here he is, Yoki the Fat Dragon, finished and in all his glory. Nothing is quite as straight as he should be, but I don’t care. I’m delighted with him. He now gets to languish in the cupboard for a week until someone around here has a birthday.

If there’s a way to use Flickr to put multiple photos in one post, I don’t know what it is, so I’m afraid you’ll have to pop along to the Flickr photoset to see some more pictures. Please do, as I’m very proud of how he’s turned out and it’s worth being able to see him from a few other angles as well.

Whatever shall I work on tomorrow?

Two arms, one wing by rocalisa
Two arms, one wing, a photo by rocalisa on Flickr.

I managed to get two arms and one wing sewn on the dragon today. It proved to be very hard on my fingers as I was pushing the needle through a lot of layers. Marcus kept suggesting I try one of those “cool thimble things” (these), and didn’t quite grasp my explanation that the loss of dexterity was a bigger problem that poking myself in the finger at regular intervals. I don’t think he was convinced.

I was also worried the wings wouldn’t stand up straight but would flop over instead. I was very impressed that it worked just as advertised, although I suspect they will flop with time and use.

Sore fingers meant I decided to leave the last wing until tomorrow.

Also, you can at last check out those abs.

Sadly, I’ve just discovered I’ve missed taking a photo for the first time.

One of the details on the dragon is to use thread to stretch tightly across the dragon’s fat tummy to, basically, give him abs. I had tried the day before using some thread I had at home, but it wasn’t strong enough and as soon as I tried to pull it tight it broke. So today we went to the LNS and bought some nice, strong #5 perle cotton in both a matching green and a matching yellow.

I think I’ve stuffed my guy quite a bit tighter than in the model (but having had to do surgery on the unicorn I made for my niece because it had gone floppy due to much love and playing time, I decided tighter was better). That made it a little hard to do the stitches as on the pattern. I also didn’t have a long enough needle.

So I did it my own way.

Sorry there’s no photo today, but you’re see his “abs” in tomorrow’s picture.

Which is my best angle? by rocalisa
Which is my best angle?, a photo by rocalisa on Flickr.

14 Jan 2013

I’m rather proud of myself that this has all come together so quickly. There was some quite fiddly sewing involved, especially in his feet and getting the tip of his tail all sealed up without catching the spines in any seams. Now he needs some stitching on his belly for definition and his head, arms and wings sewn on. I’m not going to try that tonight. Maybe tomorrow.

Slow progress by rocalisa
Slow progress, a photo by rocalisa on Flickr.

Oh dear, a day late posting again.

13 Jan 2013

Another hot and humid day, so I didn’t do much. I cut out the blades for the dragon’s back and tail and got the other body pattern pieces ready for use but that was all. (Getting a bee sting later in the day didn’t help either.)

One dragon head, freshly sewn by rocalisa
One dragon head, freshly sewn, a photo by rocalisa on Flickr.

I’ve been very tired today, so only got a tiny bit done. Dragon got his eyes yesterday and his ears today.

No Autumn Queen, much as I would have liked to get that section of wisper finished, and no hexagons today.

We have a snout by rocalisa
We have a snout, a photo by rocalisa on Flickr.

We have a dragon head. I need to get some beads of some sort tomorrow for his eyes. The pieces are all very cute and I’m looking forward to seeing everything put together.

Marcus has asked me to make him a red one after I finish this one for the mystery boy on the internet. I hope he’ll be okay with green and yellow!

Or am I going to have a make a red one as well? We already have a green/yellow dragon and a green/pink one, so hopefully I can convince him they’re all part of the same family.

Two wings now by rocalisa
Two wings now, a photo by rocalisa on Flickr.

I’m finding I’m only feeling like doing a little bit a day, so isn’t it good I have 3 weeks to get it done.

We’re going to the zoo tomorrow, so there probably won’t be any addition tomorrow, but I’ll be starting his head next.

Starting something new by rocalisa
Starting something new, a photo by rocalisa on Flickr.

This will be Marcus’ birthday present when it is finished. I’ve accepted I can’t do it in secret considering Marcus will be home all the time between now and then. So I’ve lied through my teeth and said I’m making it for someone else. I don’t know if he believes me or not.

The pattern is called “Yoki the Fat Dragon” and can be found here on Etsy.