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It’s a bit cooler today (despite the forecast) so I thought I’d working on cutting out the body pieces for the dragon.

I’ve just discovered that I don’t have enough fleece to cut the body and tail in a single piece with the stretch in either direction (up the body or along the tail). I can cut the body and tail in two pieces and sew them together or I can cut the whole piece on a diagonal to the stretch. (I’m probably going to do the latter, but haven’t decided yet.)

The last time I was in the local Spotlight (where I originally bought the fleece) I looked for more, seeing that I was getting low, but there didn’t appear to be any there. Since it’s lime green, it would be rather hard to miss if it was there.

I had what I thought was a good idea and rang Spotlight customer service. If I had done my shopping on my VIP Card, I asked, would there be a record of my purchases on the computer so exactly what I have could be identified and other stores could be checked? Yes, but only for the last three months. Damn, I’m sure it was longer than that, because I originally bought the fleece to make Marcus pigs, not a dragon.

(In fact, I’ve looked it up by checking my photos to find the first Angry Bird photo. That was at the very beginning of June last year, so I’ve had it since then.)

The very helpful lady at customer service asked me what I needed. When I explained it was fleece, she said she doubted there would be any. It turns out (obviously if one thinks about it) that fleece is a seasonal fabric. Since I was using it to make toys, that hadn’t occurred to me. The bad news is that since it’s now summer I can’t get any more. The good news is that once it gets closer to winter, it’s likely to be back. I think I’ll buy my colours a metre at a time this time, instead of just 25cm, because I’ve found it’s terribly useful to always have some for the next thing Marcus might decide he needs.

In the meantime, I just have to get my dragon pattern pieces out of what’s left.

Oh, and move Helper Cat.

Helper Cat continues to be convinced she's helping

Helper Cat continues to be convinced she’s helping