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All the Angry Birds and Pigs by rocalisa
All the Angry Birds and Pigs, a photo by rocalisa on Flickr.

For anyone who didn’t know, I have been making Angry Birds and Bad Pigges for Marcus. Dave bought his his favourite at the time – the black Bomb Pig – and Marcus immediately wanted more.

Equally immediately, I found myself channelling my mother and told him he most definitely have them all, not at the price they were going for.

Then, in a combination of both my mother and myself, I offered to make him some more if I could find some patterns. It took a bit of searching but I finally found some great ideas at the Obsessively Stitching blog and used those to start making birds and pigs.

This is the full collection so far (except for the yellow egg, which has got lost somewhere). The two black Bomb Birds and the King Pig were purchased; everything else was made my me.

I think I’m expected to make another pig next; this one with a moustache. Oh, and some building blocks that the birds can knock over. That’s going to be the hardest challenge in my immediate future.

(I’ve categorised this post as “Completed Projects” but I expect it will never be truly completed for as long as Marcus feels he can ask me to make another one.)


I’m very rather pleased with myself (if very tired) as I finished the first three pages (which is also the first horizontal strip) of QS Garnet today.

I had noticed as I was working on it that the tent stitch seemed to be pulling the fabric a bit out of square, which was worrying me. About the same time I was going to do and ask about it on the Heaven and Earth Designs bulletin board, someone asked about tent stitch on one of the HAED Facebook groups. I followed a helpful link someone responded with, where I learned that doing a continental tent stitch as I do, does indeed have that issue. So for the pink flowers on the right, I switched to using a straight half cross stitch. It’s too soon if it has made a difference, but it is just as easy to stitch and looks just as good from the front.

23 June 2012: After 32 days of stitching

I have a whole collection of photos (I’ve been taking one at the end of each days stitching as a way of keeping track of progress) that I won’t bore you with. I’m trying to figure out if I can set up a gallery of them all here on WordPress, or if I need to use my Flickr account.

After finishing page 1 of Garnet, I found I was struggling to keep stitching. I was rather afraid that I would stall out again, so I forced myself to stitch a couple more days without much success. So I faced reality and took a break. Today, I picked her up again and had a good day stitching with a lot achieved. Obviously, when I need to stop, I just need to stop until I’m ready to start again.

25 March 2012: After 14 days of stitching

4 April 2012: After 15 days of stitching

22 April 2012: After 16 days of stitching


Wow, I did it. I’ve finished page 1 of QS Garnet and she has all her facial features. I was a little worried about the eyes as I was working on them, but as is so often the case, I put in the last stitch and there were her eyes, looking ever so expressive.

I’m on my 13th day of stitching, which given my previous stitching speeds, is very fast indeed. I may do a little more tonight, but I expect I’ll just put her back on the q-snaps and highlight what I’m going to stitch next on the chart page.

This is a direct scan of the stitching, but I’ll go back to photos on the q-snaps as I progress on page 2. The colours are pretty close to true.

22 March 2012: Page 1 completed after 13 days of stitching

Oh, it was nice have a simple, smaller part to do. I finished it last night. Fortunately, I think I’m ready to tackle another side of scrollwork now (however long it might end up taking me). So here you are – pictures of Illuminated Medieval Sampler completed through to the end of part 3.

Part 3 completed, 26th October 2011

The full project, 26th October 2011

I had a helper! 26th October, 2011

Go me! I finished part 2. (It’s only taken me about 16 months to get that far.) There’s a lot of work in the scrollwork, so I’m actually really happy with that.

Illuminated Medieval Sampler, 12th October 2011 (Part 2 completed)

Part 3 is a small one – some lozenges and beading across the top of the inside border. After that though, it’s back to scrollwork, doing the left hand side. I shall enjoy the change while it lasts.

I have, with a little more careful thought than the post title suggests, decided to make Mirabilia’s Cinderella officially a UFO.

Cinderella on 19th September 2011; now a UFO

As you can see, I didn’t get very far with the figure, but I did finish the castle. I still like the design a lot and I still love the fabric colour heaps. However, I just found I didn’t want to stitch it, and when I did pick it up I only ever did a few stitches before putting it down again.

I think the fabric is one issue. It is supposed to be hand-dyed 32-ct Belfast, but it went very soft and kind of fragile when it was dyed, making it fussy to stitch on. The rest, I’m not really sure about. The design, much as I like it when I look at it, isn’t working out as something I actually want to stitch on.

Having it stuck on the go also means I’m not comfortable starting something else as I don’t want my number of WIPs┬áto get any higher than it is already. With this one put aside, it frees up a space if I want it. Right now, I have no intention of starting anything else, but it is nice to feel I can, should I wish to. If/when I do, it will probably be another Mirabilia as I still have Autumn Queen to do out of the four seasonal queens. The other three are rolled up in the cupboard waiting for me to finish the last one – and then win the lottery so I can afford to get them framed.

I may have to seriously consider scrapping/UFO-ifying a couple of other designs as well. They are things I still love and want to stitch, but maybe I need to let them go for a while. (That or start over on bigger fabric since my eyesight is nothing like what it was when I started them. I don’t know how I ever managed to stitch 1-over-1 on 32-ct fabric!)

I had to move the q-snaps, so here’s a picture of the whole thing so far.

Defender of the Kingdom, 31 August 2011

I’ve pulled this picture off Flickr, to give an idea of how the first pass across the design turned out. I won’t take another picture of the full thing until I take the Q-Snaps off again (goodness knows when that will be). This strip was finished on 27th November, 2008, so you can see I haven’t exactly been steaming along.

Strip 1 completed (12.2%), 28th Nov, 2008