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Emma's Quilt all Finished by rocalisa
Emma’s Quilt all Finished, a photo by rocalisa on Flickr.

My sister-in-law made her daughter (my niece) a wonderful quilt for Christmas. It is her first quilt and she’s done a wonderful job with it.

However, as Christmas got closer she realised she was running out of time, especially to quilt and bind a quilt when she’d done neither before. So she finished the quilt top and got the layers pinned together.

At that point, I took over and did the quilting (all straight line in the ditch, so it took some time but wasn’t actually hard) and binding.

It was presented to a very happy 6 year old on Wednesday (2 Jan 2013) which is why it’s gone up as part of this date. I finished my share of the word 29 Dec 2012.

I also did repair surgery on a stuffed toy unicorn who was suffering from stuffing fatigue. She can now stand up on own again, much to Emma’s delight. Sadly, I was so busy sewing on her I didn’t have any photos.