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Sadly, not a crafting day today either. I think about picking something up, but I know that I have to rest when I need to or I’ll pay for it later. So I finished my book instead.

Jovah's Angel by Sharon Shinn

Jovah’s Angel by Sharon Shinn

If you want to see what I thought of it, you can check out my review over on Too Many Books – Too Hard to Choose. I put password protection on it just in case you’re really, really fussy about spoilers since I included some mild ones; the password is “here be spoilers” (without the quote marks).

The short version is that I really, really enjoyed it and it was just the kind of detailed but gentle read I needed at the time.


I can’t think of anything I did today that would really count as working on a craft project. I’ve got tired again (probably because I’ve been crafting 4 days in a row) and that meant I had to rest instead.

Heart Journey by Robin D. OwensI did finish a book today; Robin D. Owens’ Heart JourneyI started it yesterday, needing a change of pace from my current “real” read, which is Valentine Pontifex by Robert Silverberg. I’m really enjoying it, but I wasn’t feeling ready to read the next bit of political shenanigans  so I took a break to read something totally different.

I really enjoyed the book; I liked the hero and loved the heroine. She was strong and well-developed and totally straight-talking. So there were no big misunderstandings because she set off to have them talked through immediately. It did blow up in her face once, as she pushed him before he was ready, but all it all it made for a very refreshing book. I found it exactly that and it was what I needed.

And extra points to Robin for tossing in as a note in passing “the male HeartBonded couple”. Yay, there are same sex HeartBonds as well. That makes me incredibly happy.

I’ve just read the prologue of the January Book Group read for The Readers (I’m running behind as the podcast whet up today) which is Last Rituals by Yrsa Sigurðardóttir (no, I can’t pronounce it) and translated by Bernard Scudder. I don’t know if I’ll like it yet or not, but I’m going to give it a try.

Right now, I really just want to rush into the next Celta book, but I was so taken by the characters of this one that I don’t want to start something with different characters in it and maybe not like them because I’m comparing them to Del and Raz, rather than giving them the chance to be themselves. But I do hope to be on to the next Celta book by next month, as I’m a few years behind and I’d love to catch up. Interesting things are happening beyond the love stories and I really like that kind of thing.