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Army Pig by rocalisa
Army Pig, a photo by rocalisa on Flickr.

Marcus has also wanted to have an Army Pig for quite a while. I was intimidated by the helmet, but oncm e I discovered that couldn’t be bought here in New Zealand anyway, I set myself the challenge to make one. Ideas have been turning in my brain ever since, but he has now been made and finished.

He’s a middle sized pig, made by reducing the big pig pattern to 75% on the printer. He does have ears tucked up inside his helmet, so he can lose his helmet and still be an intact pig 🙂 I think the helmet will get loose with time and use, but I can always make another one.


Wow, I did it. I’ve finished page 1 of QS Garnet and she has all her facial features. I was a little worried about the eyes as I was working on them, but as is so often the case, I put in the last stitch and there were her eyes, looking ever so expressive.

I’m on my 13th day of stitching, which given my previous stitching speeds, is very fast indeed. I may do a little more tonight, but I expect I’ll just put her back on the q-snaps and highlight what I’m going to stitch next on the chart page.

This is a direct scan of the stitching, but I’ll go back to photos on the q-snaps as I progress on page 2. The colours are pretty close to true.

22 March 2012: Page 1 completed after 13 days of stitching

Oh, it was nice have a simple, smaller part to do. I finished it last night. Fortunately, I think I’m ready to tackle another side of scrollwork now (however long it might end up taking me). So here you are – pictures of Illuminated Medieval Sampler completed through to the end of part 3.

Part 3 completed, 26th October 2011

The full project, 26th October 2011

I had a helper! 26th October, 2011

Go me! I finished part 2. (It’s only taken me about 16 months to get that far.) There’s a lot of work in the scrollwork, so I’m actually really happy with that.

Illuminated Medieval Sampler, 12th October 2011 (Part 2 completed)

Part 3 is a small one – some lozenges and beading across the top of the inside border. After that though, it’s back to scrollwork, doing the left hand side. I shall enjoy the change while it lasts.