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Army Pig by rocalisa
Army Pig, a photo by rocalisa on Flickr.

Marcus has also wanted to have an Army Pig for quite a while. I was intimidated by the helmet, but oncm e I discovered that couldn’t be bought here in New Zealand anyway, I set myself the challenge to make one. Ideas have been turning in my brain ever since, but he has now been made and finished.

He’s a middle sized pig, made by reducing the big pig pattern to 75% on the printer. He does have ears tucked up inside his helmet, so he can lose his helmet and still be an intact pig 🙂 I think the helmet will get loose with time and use, but I can always make another one.

Two baby pigs by rocalisa
Two baby pigs, a photo by rocalisa on Flickr.

I made Marcus a new baby pig. He’s been asking for one for ages, but while I was doing the work on Emma’s quilt, I had to keep putting him off. Finally, I got one done for him. Since they both look the same and I have no idea which is which, here he is with both of them.

All the Angry Birds and Pigs by rocalisa
All the Angry Birds and Pigs, a photo by rocalisa on Flickr.

For anyone who didn’t know, I have been making Angry Birds and Bad Pigges for Marcus. Dave bought his his favourite at the time – the black Bomb Pig – and Marcus immediately wanted more.

Equally immediately, I found myself channelling my mother and told him he most definitely have them all, not at the price they were going for.

Then, in a combination of both my mother and myself, I offered to make him some more if I could find some patterns. It took a bit of searching but I finally found some great ideas at the Obsessively Stitching blog and used those to start making birds and pigs.

This is the full collection so far (except for the yellow egg, which has got lost somewhere). The two black Bomb Birds and the King Pig were purchased; everything else was made my me.

I think I’m expected to make another pig next; this one with a moustache. Oh, and some building blocks that the birds can knock over. That’s going to be the hardest challenge in my immediate future.

(I’ve categorised this post as “Completed Projects” but I expect it will never be truly completed for as long as Marcus feels he can ask me to make another one.)