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The first WIP to come up on my random rotation was Dragonfly Quaker from Wiehenburg-Online. I bought this with a gift voucher from a lovely friend and converted the DMC to HDF silk. I stitched two motifs 1-over-1 on a 28-ct linen, then got to the third one where the silk colour was very close to the fabric colour and stopped.

That was in 2010.

Dragonfly Quaker 007

Dragonfly Quaker as it was when I stopped stitching in 2010.


I was nervous, going back to that third motif, but I’ve found it much easier than I expected to stitch (the fact I have had to get glasses with progressive lenses in the years since I started is probably a factor as I can manage to see it with my glasses on, allowing me to watch TV and stitch which I couldn’t do with my old glasses).

Anyway, I’ve now done another motif and it is looking really pretty. I can see why I fell in love with it, and while the small stitching is a bit more work, it’s worth it when I see the result.

Dragonfly Quaker 008

Dragonfly Quaker today after completing a third motif. (Excuse the camera shadow in the photo – it’s the one where the motifs showed up best.)


I may have had a mix-up with the silk colours (two I thought were different look like they are the same), but I shall continue with the colours I know are okay and go back to the others later, when I’ve sorted it out.

On to motif four.