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I have, with a little more careful thought than the post title suggests, decided to make Mirabilia’s Cinderella officially a UFO.

Cinderella on 19th September 2011; now a UFO

As you can see, I didn’t get very far with the figure, but I did finish the castle. I still like the design a lot and I still love the fabric colour heaps. However, I just found I didn’t want to stitch it, and when I did pick it up I only ever did a few stitches before putting it down again.

I think the fabric is one issue. It is supposed to be hand-dyed 32-ct Belfast, but it went very soft and kind of fragile when it was dyed, making it fussy to stitch on. The rest, I’m not really sure about. The design, much as I like it when I look at it, isn’t working out as something I actually want to stitch on.

Having it stuck on the go also means I’m not comfortable starting something else as I don’t want my number of WIPs┬áto get any higher than it is already. With this one put aside, it frees up a space if I want it. Right now, I have no intention of starting anything else, but it is nice to feel I can, should I wish to. If/when I do, it will probably be another Mirabilia as I still have Autumn Queen to do out of the four seasonal queens. The other three are rolled up in the cupboard waiting for me to finish the last one – and then win the lottery so I can afford to get them framed.

I may have to seriously consider scrapping/UFO-ifying a couple of other designs as well. They are things I still love and want to stitch, but maybe I need to let them go for a while. (That or start over on bigger fabric since my eyesight is nothing like what it was when I started them. I don’t know how I ever managed to stitch 1-over-1 on 32-ct fabric!)