I was chatting with Mel in the comments to her post about Haunted Hardanger, that I really wanted something I could easily stitch at the moment and maybe I should pull out the Hardanger I started many years ago.

I did that this morning, and while I still like it, it’s just too big and not want I want to try to work on at present. All the same, I thought it deserved a photo.

I did a beginners Hardanger class when I was working at Needlecraft so that I had some more knowledge to offer customers who came in asking about it. I was never an expert, but I did graduate to the intermediate class and then go totally insane by starting a runner for my mother’s antique sideboard. I don’t remember the exact dimensions I worked out, but I know it was going to be over a metre (3 feet) long. This is as far as I got.

My progress so far

My faithful helper is back

It has now been packed away again and I’m trying something else. Hopefully this one will stick (see next post for details).